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About Us

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Nicor Gas is a natural gas distribution company that serves more than 2.2 million customers in a service territory that encompasses most of the northern third of Illinois, excluding the city of Chicago.

1855  Nicor Gas is a direct descendant of Ottawa Gas Light and Coke Company, the company that lit up the historic Lincoln-Douglas debate in Ottawa on Aug. 21, 1858. 
1920s More than 70 gas companies eventually merge into three, including the Illinois Northern Utilities Company.
1950 - 1953   Illinois Northern Utilities Company becomes part of Public Service, and Public Service merges into Commonwealth Edison.
1954 Com Ed cuts ties with its gas properties. Northern Illinois Gas is formed from several companies in and around Ottawa.
Mid 1950s In 1955 Union Gas and Electric is acquired. Several years later, the groundwork is laid for the world's largest underground gas storage system.
1960s We expand our service area and begin drilling for natural gas. We also increase our natural gas storage capacity by developing underground storage.
1997 Northern Illinois Gas begins operating its natural gas business as Nicor Gas.
2011 Nicor Gas becomes a subsidiary of AGL Resources Inc., an Atlanta-based energy holding company.
July 2016 AGL Resources becomes Southern Company Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company.
Today As part of the Southern Company Gas family, we continue to deliver safe and reliable natural gas.

Learn more Nicor Gas history.

Nicor Gas Facts and Figures: 

  • We transport and store gas for nearly 200,000 commercial and industrial customers.
  • We are the largest natural gas distributor in northern Illinois.
  • We have 34,000 miles of gas mains and pipelines.
  • 96 percent of homes in our service territory use natural gas.

Keeping Gas Prices Down
Nicor Gas customers are connected to a 34,000-mile distribution system that is part of a network of eight interstate pipelines. We purchase gas during the summer months when it is normally less expensive and store it for use throughout the year. This helps keep winter costs down and our year-round supply up. Our gas purchasing strategies, coupled with our underground storage facilities, ensure that Nicor Gas customers receive reliable, competitively-priced service.

Regional Offices
Our corporate office is in Naperville, Illinois, with regional offices located throughout our service territory