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Bill Terms Glossary

Account Summary
Summary of your bill as of your current billing date.

Account Number
Your unique customer account identifier. This account number will remain with a customer even if the customer relocates to another address within Nicor Gas territory. When you contact us, please provide us with this account number.

Actual Meter Reading
Your meter was read by a Nicor Gas meter reader.

Additional Products & Services
Non-utility charges such as Customer Select alternate supplier charges, or HVAC warranty/repair or protection plans.

Adjustment Detail
Adjustments such as credits or additional charges to your bill due to corrected billing, earned interest or finance charges, LIHEAP or Sharing grants and deposits.

Auto Payment
You can have the amount of your gas bill electronically withdrawn from a checking or savings account on a specific date or when the bill is due. Sign up in My Account.

Average Temperature
Average daily temperature during your billing period. The average temperature is a determining factor in the amount of gas used throughout the month.

Bill Issue Date
The date the bill is processed.

Bill Period
The dates used to calculate a bill inclusive of the previous meter reading and current meter reading dates.

BTU Factor
A factor which expresses the amount of heat content a CCF of gas contains. The BTU factor is applied to convert a volume of gas in CCF into therms and may change slightly from month to month.

Budget Plan
This plan spreads your estimated annual gas costs over 12 monthly payments. Approximately every four months we evaluate your account and adjust your monthly payment for changes in weather and/or the price of gas. If you build a credit balance on your account, you will receive earned credit. If you have a debit balance, a finance charge will be assessed. Sign up on your bill stub or in My Account. You must be current in your payments to sign up. Learn more about the Budget Plan.

Budget Plan Amount Due
The monthly Budget Plan payment amount due by the due date in order to remain current on your Budget Plan account.

CCF (100 cubic feet)
A measure of the volume of gas used. 1 CCF approximates 1 therm of gas.

Customer Charge
A fixed monthly charge that covers administrative costs and expenses such as reading your meter, printing and mailing your bill. This charge is assessed even if you do not use natural gas. For commercial customers, this cost is determined by meter class capacity.

Customer Read
You reported your meter reading to us.

Customer Select Charge
Customer Select customers are assessed this charge based on usage. The charge may change each month and is filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Delivery Charges
These charges cover our fixed and variable operating and distribution costs. A portion of these charges varies from month to month based on your natural gas usage.

Efficiency Program Charge
Pays for the costs related to energy efficiency programs. Nicor Gas receives no profit from these charges.

Energy Profile
Comparison between the current billing period and your gas usage for the same period last year as well as a chart showing your monthly gas usage, average temperature and gas supply charges for the past 12 months, when available.

Environmental Recovery Cost
Covers our costs for the environmental investigation and cleanup of former manufactured gas plants. Nicor Gas receives no profit from these charges.

Estimated Meter Reading
Your reading was estimated based on previous use and the weather. Every other month, we estimate most customers' meter readings. On your next bill, any difference from your actual use is automatically corrected when we take an actual meter reading.

Franchise Cost
Covers our cost for municipal franchise agreements. Nicor Gas does not profit from this charge.

Governmental Agency Adjustment
This adjustment covers governmental fees and added costs, excluding franchise costs. This cost may change each month and is filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Meter Exchange
If we exchanged your meter, this note means your bill is based on the reading of the meter we removed from your address.

Meter Number
The number that identifies the meter.

Municipal Use Tax
Some municipalities charge this tax based on your gas use. Your local municipality has an ordinance requiring collection of this tax.

Municipal Utility Tax
Some municipalities charge this tax based on utility revenue. It is authorized by Section 8-11-2 of the Illinois Municipal Code and is applied according to the local municipality's ordinance.

Natural Gas Cost
The price we pay our suppliers for the natural gas we purchase and deliver to your home or business. The cost of gas is passed through to customers without markup. The price may change each calendar month and is filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

New Charges
The total gas cost, utility service charges, additional products and service charges and taxes for this billing period.

Other Options
Pay your bill by telephone or online. To pay with a credit card, call 1-888-642-6748. To find a local payment agent, see Pay your bill in person or call 1-888-642-6748.

Payment Arrangement
If you are behind on your gas bill payments, you may be eligible to establish a payment arrangement. To make a payment arrangement, visit My Account or call 1-888-642-6748.

The payment amount(s) applied to your account since your last statement, and the dates we applied them.

Pressure Factor
If you require higher than normal gas pressure, the pressure factor is a multiplier that adjusts for increased gas volumes flowing through a meter.

Previous Balance
Your total account balance from your previous bill.

Remaining Balance
The account balance remaining after your payment(s) was received.

Security Deposits
In accordance with the Illinois Administrative Code Part 280, Nicor Gas may request a cash security deposit under the following circumstances: history of late payments, failure to pay final bill at a prior address, service disconnection due to non-payment, meter tampering, or other reasons.

Service Address
The address where we deliver natural gas to your home or business.

A charitable program designed to help people pay their natural gas bills. To see if you could benefit from the Sharing Program, please contact your local Salvation Army. To contribute to Sharing, please check the appropriate box on your bill stub and add the amount to your payment. Learn more about the Nicor Gas Sharing Program.

State Revenue Tax
This is mandated by the State of Illinois. It is not a sales tax.

State Use Tax
This tax is imposed on natural gas purchased outside of Illinois for use or consumption in Illinois.

A therm is the basic unit for measuring your natural gas consumption.

Therm Usage/Distribution Charge
Covers our operating and gas distribution costs. It varies each month depending on the amount of natural gas that you use.

Total Amount Due
The amount that you now owe after we apply any taxes, adjustments and/or prior payments to your account. After the due date listed, your payment would be past due.

Transportation Service Credit
A credit to Customer Select customers based on usage.

Utility Fund Tax
This funds the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), which regulates all Illinois utilities and is mandated by the state.