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Alternative Suppliers

Nicor Gas has compiled a list of producers and brokers based on business contacts and its review of trade periodicals.

Nicor Gas has not investigated the history, reliability, financial conditions or any other qualifications of those parties. It also has no independent knowledge of the access of these parties to natural gas. Nicor Gas makes no representations, expressed or implied, as to these parties.

Before you enter into any contract, Nicor Gas recommends that you investigate both the financial history and qualifications of the seller and the terms and conditions of any contracts you may be asked to sign.

Note to Suppliers: If your name appears on this list and you wish to have it removed or if your name does not appear on the list and you wish to have it added, please e-mail the Gas Transportation Customer Service Center at GTQA@southernco.com.

Supplier Phone
Atmos Energy Marketing 713.688.7771
BP Canada Energy Marketing 312.594.2063
CenterPoint Energy 630.241.1010
Champion Energy 877.653.5090
Chevron Natural Gas 832.854.5040
CIMA Energy, L.T.D. 317.366.2811
Constellation Energy Services - Natural Gas, LLC 877.409.9836
Constellation New Energy - Gas Division, LLC 630.264.6600
Direct Energy Business, LLC 888.925.9115
Direct Energy Services, LLC 866.266.2084
EDF Energy Services 877.856.2535
Enbridge Gas Services (U.S.) Inc. 920.831.2524
Energy Services 773.334.3560
EnergyUSA-TPC 800.531.1193
Exelon Energy 800.261.4301
Gulf Pacific 847.283.9700
IGS Energy 877.923.4447
ext. 5101
Interstate Municipal Gas Agency 217.438.4642
Just Energy 866.667.4874
MidAmerican Energy 800.432.8574
Modern Energy Management of Illinois 800.418.5273
Multiut Corporation 847.982.0030
Nicor Enerchange 630.245.7833
Nordic Energy Services 877.235.7079
Oneok Energy Marketing 630.889.2403
Pro Energy Solutions 713.739.6424
ProLiance Energy 630.544.3058
Santanna Energy Services 800.827.0067
Sempra Energy 619.696.3170
Sempra Energy-Midwest 630.390.2728
Shell Trading 713.230.3937
Tenaska Marketing Ventures 402.758.6139
The Natural Gas Co. 630.530.0365
Total Gas & Power North America 713.647.4016
Twin Eagle Resource Management, LLC 713.341.7369
Vanguard Energy Services 630.955.1500
Windy City Energy 630.205.5299