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Gas Service Switch Process

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Thank you for taking the next steps in switching to natural gas by applying for natural gas service from Nicor Gas. This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply to Nicor Gas for natural gas service, as well as information to assist you in understanding other responsibilities of the applicant and the processes that take place after Nicor Gas receives an application.

In order for us to provide you with natural gas service, we require information about you. Your privacy is important to us. Should you have any questions or concerns related to the privacy of your personal information, please review our policy regarding customer privacy.

If you require assistance with the gas service application process, please contact your county's New Business Coordinator directly, call with your general inquiries at 800.730.6114 or email us at switchnow@nicorgas.com.

Multiple Meter Sets and Commercial Services
If the service you intend to apply for:

  • requires a multiple meter set (more than one meter)
  • is commercial, industrial, multi-family, crop dryer, etc.

Please call us at 800.730.6114 or contact a New Business Coordinator.

Step 1: Completing the Application Form
To help ensure prompt processing of your application, it is imperative that you thoroughly complete all portions of the Single Meter Service Request Form (Word) that is used by new construction and conversion customers applying for natural gas service. Below are explanations of the various sections of the form:

General Applicant Information Section
Provide all applicable details of your service location. If your property is located within a recorded subdivision, include the lot and block number (if applicable) and the subdivision name. If your property is not located within a recorded subdivision, the address where service is requested and city/town name will be sufficient.

It is important that this section be filled out completely. Be sure to include your full mailing address and contact information. Nicor Gas will also use this information to set up your account.

As you will not have a builder involved in your project, please simply include your email address and fax number. This allows Nicor Gas to advise you of receipt of your request.

Proposed Meter Location
When filling out this section, you'll need to determine the meter location from the standpoint of facing the building from the street. If the service location is a corner lot, face the building from the street from which the service location is addressed.

When choosing the meter location and gas service route, the following should be kept in mind:

  • The meter should be located within 3-5 feet from the front corner of your home
  • We cannot cross a septic system with a gas service line
  • We are able to cross underground electric and water services, but their locations must be clearly and accurately marked
  • If you have an underground sprinkler system, its location must be marked
  • There must be a 3-foot clearance from the gas meter to any door or window opening, vents or electric meter. Greater clearances may be required for certain equipment. Check with your gas equipment installer for details

Vehicular Traffic
Meters installed within three (3) feet of vehicular activity must be protected. If your proposed meter location is within three (3) feet of vehicular traffic answer "Yes". If the proposed meter location is not within three (3) feet of vehicular traffic answer "No".

Stage of Construction
You will answer "Existing."

Winter Construction Costs
Winter costs apply when winter conditions (such as snow, ice or frozen ground) are present at the time of installing a natural gas service. You must indicate whether or not you will accept winter charges at the time of submitting your request. One of the two options must be selected. If you will not accept winter costs, installation may not occur during winter construction season (November 15th – March 15th).

Natural Gas Requirements
Identify all natural gas appliances (i.e., furnace, water heater, boiler, fireplace, range, garage heater, etc.) installed or planned for the future and include the BTU (British thermal unit) load of each appliance. This will help Nicor Gas determine the appropriate service and meter for your specific application.

Step 2: Additional Information that may need to be provided

Property Served by Septic System
If your service location is served by a septic system, you may be contacted by a Nicor Gas representative in order to furnish a septic plan/layout to ensure there will be no conflict with the service installation.

Submit Your Form
Your completed application form can be submitted electronically by clicking the "Submit Service Request" button at the bottom of the online form. You may also fax a hard copy to 630.305.0466.

Step 3: Designing the Natural Gas Service
Nicor Gas will use the gas requirements information from your Single Meter Service Request Form (Word) to design the natural gas service. Nicor Gas will provide the proposed natural gas service design to third-parties for necessary approvals and permits. A Nicor Gas representative will contact you if it is necessary to acquire additional information, acquire easements or discuss running line arrangements.

Step 4: Preparing a Cost Estimate
For residential customers, Nicor Gas will install, at its expense, the service pipe between the company's main and the customer's property line and up to 60 feet of service pipe located on the customer's premises. If necessary, Nicor Gas will also install up to 200 feet of main pipe at its expense. Any additional service pipe required on the customer's premises (or adjacent main pipe) will be installed by the company at the company's estimated average installed cost per foot or time and material (T&M) required.

If additional service pipe over 60 feet or main pipe over 200 feet is necessary, Nicor Gas will prepare an estimate of the total cost of providing the natural gas service you require. Nicor Gas will notify you in advance if any additional charges are required based on our terms and conditions. Payment of the additional charges will be required prior to Nicor Gas scheduling the service for installation.

Step 5: Meeting All Other Conditions
Before the service installation can begin, the following conditions must be met:

  • The location of all private (non-utility owned) underground utilities must be clearly marked with flags or paint, including wells, cisterns, water lines, sprinkler systems, sewer lines, septic tank lines and laterals, drain lines, drainage tiles and any other customer underground facilities
  • The proposed gas meter location must be clearly marked on the outer wall of the building and must comply with meter location requirements
  • The site is accessible by construction vehicles and equipment
  • The route from the gas main to the meter location must be clear of all obstacles, dirt piles, and debris
  • All Nicor Gas required contracts and agreements have been signed and all required fees and deposits have been paid to Nicor Gas
  • Any past-due balances or debts have been paid
  • Any other requirements Nicor Gas has identified in advance are complete
  • All required gas main extensions have been completed prior to scheduling new gas service installation (charges may apply for gas main extensions - see Step 4)

Step 6: Installing the Service, Gas Piping and Appliances
Nicor Gas provides natural gas service pipe up to the meter outside your home or business. A Nicor Gas representative may perform a job site inspection prior to the installation, to confirm with you that the service line will be run per your request. You are responsible for arranging for the installation of any gas piping beyond the outlet of our meter and any of the gas appliances you require. A qualified plumber or heating contractor can assist you with this work.

For safety reasons, please note:

Government codes and regulations govern the installation of gas piping and appliances. Consult with your local permitting agency to determine the codes and regulations in effect.

Permits may be required to install or alter any gas piping beyond the outlet of our meter. You or your qualified installer must acquire applicable permit(s) prior to beginning this work. Permits are available through the appropriate governmental agency. A final inspection of the work done by you or your qualified installer may be required by the permitting agency.

Step 7: Requesting a Meter

Single Meter
Nicor Gas will install a gas meter for the building at the time of completion of the gas service installation. If your natural gas requirements have changed since you made your original application for service you will need to let Nicor Gas know.

Multiple Meters
Nicor Gas will install the primary meter for the building at the time of completion of the gas service installation. When additional meters are needed, phone 800.730.6114 to schedule a Meter Set Only for the premises. Identify and label fuel lines according to unit numbers. See Guidelines for Ordering Additional Meters (PDF) for more information.

Making the Connection
The final piping connection between the meter and gas piping to appliances is your responsibility. Only a qualified heating or plumbing professional should perform this type of work. Doing so on your own may be dangerous and cause a hazardous situation.

Step 8: Process Complete
You are now ready to enjoy the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas. Thank you for choosing Nicor Gas for your natural gas service needs.

Our goal is to make the process of applying for and receiving natural gas service as convenient as possible. We hope this information has been helpful. If you have questions about this or any other natural gas service issue, now or in the future, please contact us.

Important Contacts

Contact your county's New Business Coordinator
General phone inquiries: 800.730.6114
General email inquiries: switchnow@nicorgas.com

Emergency Contact: 888.Nicor4u (888.642.6748)

Nicor Gas Utility Service Rules
Nicor Gas is required to install gas service pipe under the Rates, Riders, and Terms and Conditions of the company on file from time to time with the Illinois Commerce Commission, including Rider 4-Gas Service Pipe.