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New Construction Information

Nicor Gas has worked with hundreds of builders and developers to bring abundant, American and affordable natural gas to their projects. Please review these guidelines to help you properly complete the Single Meter Request Form.

When a home in your development is ready for natural gas service, you'll need to complete an online Single Meter Request Form for each home or you can complete the Fax Form and fax it to us at 630.305.0466.

For commercial service, please contact a new business coordinator.

Please note: we recommend that you apply for new gas service at time of excavation.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure successful installation:

  • Please accurately complete all necessary information requested on the Single Meter Request Form and complete the required appliance list to ensure accuracy of load submitted on application.
  • When choosing the meter location and gas service route, please keep in mind the following:
    • The meter should be located within 3-5 feet from the front corner of your home.
    • We cannot cross a septic system with a gas line.
    • We are able to cross underground electric and water services, but their locations must be clearly and accurately marked.
    • Be sure you also identify the location of your underground sprinkler system, if applicable.
    • There must be a 3-foot clearance from the gas meter to any door or window openings, vents, electric meter, Greater clearances may be needed for some equipment. Check with your gas equipment installer for details.

Meter and service sizes are partially determined by the BTU input information you provide. The BTU input of an appliance is found on a plate affixed to the appliance. Your installation contractor should also be able to provide you with this information.

Thank you in advance for providing us with complete and accurate information.